Our Vision

I am the enlightened one.  The first awakened from the dream of the world.  I live in a space where all is light and movement is God.  I would love to take you all there.  I am building a kingdom on earth called Fundippia.  Fundippia is really Heaven on Earth.  You can find it on or on Facebook as The Kingdom of Fundippia.  In this kingdom I am the pharo and God is King.  The Queen is Nazerine, my best friend.  We are planning House Boating Adventures and Parties and Trips to Peru get to know Phytos from the Source.  Join us and Party with us and phytos God.

Our Story

Time Began a million years ago and God was there.  I have had God in my life since before I was born.  In the previous life I crawled on his Face in Heaven and we discussed my life to Come.  Do you want to be Jesus he asked.  I want to be you I answered.  And so it was.

God has watched over me my whole entire life, guiding me and reassuring me of my actions.  It wasn't until 2005 that he came in a big way.  Norther Nights shot out of the sky and he descended on my car and spoke to me with a Huge voice.  He said Jesus is your self.  I also am Jesus and you are me.

Since then every word I have spoken, every act I have committed I have done as God.  The God of Revelations, The lamb, The Messiah.

I have been building slowly.  Using my own money and working with God and Nazerine to produce a story of Forgiveness, Redemption and Freedom for all.

Meet the Team

I have a team of volunteers who I pay with good times.  Join us today by calling me.  1-403-200-9297, or email me at


Adventure Princesses

Date the princesses of Fundippia


Nazarine is the Queen of Fundippia.

She is Phytos Free

And loves to party.

Ryan Blair Pattison

CEO and Founder

Ryan is Myself.  I am the Pharo of Fundippia and am creating a Kingdom of Freedom.  I believe in Freedom, loyalty, honesty, creativity and would love to share my life with others who feel the same.

I can also hook you up with Phytos Allysian.



Deb represents one of our adventure princesses.

Her and her friends can get you hooked up to allysain and show you a good time.

Call us Today to Date an Adventure Princess

My number any time is 403-200-9297