We Have Two Books for sale.  I Am God and Rolling with it, The Spiritual Art OF House Painting.  Available on amazon.

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Phytos Fudge with Allysian Genesis

The fudge is awesome, the best in the world they say.  Tastes Great and gets you loving life.

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Adventure Princesses

Date and Have Fun with the Princesses of Fundippia.  Call Ryan at 403-200-9297 for more details.

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Hello and Welcome to Fundippia

So what is The Kingdom of Fundippia?  Quite simply it is the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.  God is my saviour and the King of Fundippia.  He calls me his Son and works with me everyday till sundown.  We have interesting friends and a family business.  I myself am an author and have written three books.  The first is titled Rolling with it, The Spiritual Art of House Painting.  The second is I Am God, and the third is Up in the Air right now but will call nations together for a revolution.

The Fundippia Revolution.

Its a meetup group.  Its a Group on Facebook and it is adventure princesses, phytos fudge, and the Word of God.


I have lived the pages of the bible for 12 years and became the lamb of Christ, through God.  I am the only Jesus your ever going to meet.  And I am Phytos, Oya the great wizzard and many other names.


My mission is to enlighten you all.

The world I live in is different.  It is forgiveness and non judgement.  I let people basically do what they want and am a very quite, cool, lover of the life.  But when it comes down to it I live to enlighten.

So, you have met the Messiah.  Do you want some Phytos Fudge, a good story or a date.  Ladies I am free to date too.

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Date an Adventure Princess

There is one way to enter the Kingdom.  Jump in with both feet.  Call me 403-200-9297.