The Painting Revolution

Rolling With It, The Spiritual Art OF House Painting.  This book will Free Your Soul, Free Your Labour and Make you Rich in spirit and worldly goods.

The Word of God

The Word of God in a good book called "I am God".

Phytos Fudge

Home Made Fudge straight from the Approved Kitchen of the Messiah.  Email me or fill out our contact form for the Fudge.   We will send you 5 pieces for $100 plus shipping included.  Each piece is a quarter pound.  But Mesiah Muncher Fudge Today.   I take cash, bank drafts or money orders.  Phone 1-403-200-9297 for more details.

New Books are Coming

I write Books.  Books full of poetry and good stories.  I have lived ten thousand lives on earth in my 44 years and seen a great many things.

I have successfully written Two Good Books.  The first is Rolling with it, the Spiritual Art of House Painting.  A book that was designed to create enlightened entrepreneurs.  Essentially God enlightened me while I ran a painting business and this book is the fruit of my labour.

Make as much money as I did and become enlightened at the same time.


This book describes heaven to come

God and I wrote this Book Together.  It is an interview we had over two days where I asked questions about Heaven and the after life and he answered.  It is a quick good read that leaves you phytos baffled.

Next Steps...

Buy a good book or some phytos fudge today.